Monday, December 5, 2016

This is a mad house!

Good Monday morning.
The weather network folks said we were going to get 2-4 centimeters of snow overnight and this morning. When I got up, there was a good six inches down and still falling! It sure is pretty out there though. I was up kicking the dog out for a pee at 3 AM and it was not snowing then so it must have come down quite hard for awhile.
Well this was a madhouse last night/early this AM. First off the dog woke me up. He is not a dog who does that sort of thing. Last night that sure changed. He wanted me to come downstairs with him. So off we went. I had a good look around but nothing seemed to be amiss. I figured while I was downstairs with dog, he should go out for a pee. That went well and I toddled off to bed again.
I was just getting all snug and comfy in my nest again, when the smoke alarm in the basement went off for about ten seconds. I tore down there all in a dither because there is no burning happening in the basement.  There was no sign of fire and no smell of smoke and the thing only went wonky for a few seconds. It chirps when the battery is going down so I have NO idea what made it go off. (We will be replacing it)
So, once again I'm off to bed and getting cozy and all hell breaks loose downstairs. Much crashing, like a metal pie tin or the like hitting the floor and doing a little dance.  Down I go to investigate the latest calamity, but there was nothing to be found other than a laundry basket on it's side.
I think there were spooks in the house.

EDIT: The last bit of noise has been explained. Apparently a cat knocked the brooms down onto the cat dishes.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pretty Things

Last week........that IS 12 inches PLUS, pretty close to 18 inches! Most of it has melted today after all that rain last night.

Look what came to my door this morning! My eldest daughter always sends me a beautiful centerpiece for the holiday.

Pretty things part 1. The things with the buttons are boot toppers.

This nice beanie has fingerless gloves to match.  I just haven't got them finished yet.

Part of the Hudson Bay style set. The mittens got sent to someone, so I have to get another set going

Little pink mittens for a young niece

Boot socks for a son in law. They are very tall so the tops fold over the top of his rubber boots. Keeps the rubbers from pulling the socks off. Rubber boots like to do that. He wears them at his work every day. I loved working with this yarn. It is so soft and cuddly. It makes beautiful comfortable socks. My sister knit me a sweater with the same yarn which I just love. It is supposed to be a Christmas gift so I won't post the photo of it until Christmas. I accidentally unwrapped it....

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

March or November?

I don't know how the seasons roll where you live, but here in Eastern Ontario, March and November are very similar weather wise. We can have temperatures in the double digits one day and snow falling the next! The snowbanks are dirty looking piles of yuck along the roads. Our gravel road is like a long ribbon of chocolate pudding and my lane is a slushy MESS. I just hope it all melts before the thermometer plummets again. It is pouring rain at the moment.
Daughter and I went to town early and did our groceries. It was pretty miserable so the shops were mostly quiet.
My grandson will be officially graduated high school as of this Friday. On Monday he steps right into his first "real" job, where he will be learning his trade as a welder. Muggs has always loved welding from the moment he picked up his first torch. We have a big factory in the area which produces office furnishings. He will have an opportunity to learn automated welding there. Probably after a year at that he will have to find another  job placement where he can learn other techniques. I know automotive equipment is where he wants to be. He has a bit of an artistic streak in him as well. The world is his oyster at this point! I'm so happy for him. My eldest grandson, Muggs brother, is learning the electrical trade at a big plant in Hamilton.  We pushed the boys toward trades as hard as we could. Practical occupations like theirs will always be needed, even if the economy tanks. People will always need to fix stuff.
We just learned that my fathers youngest sister passed away this morning. I thought she was the last of my aunts and uncles, but my cousin pointed out that my fathers closest (in age) brother is still living and doing very well. We lost contact with him many many years ago but somehow my cousin managed to track him down. He's very elderly too, but apparently in very good health.
I just finished vacuuming the rafters in my basement laundry room. My gawd that is a nasty bit of a mess to deal with. We will be leaving the dryer in the basement, but the washer is coming upstairs tomorrow.  The vent split on the back side at some point and all this dust and crap was coming out. M. got a new vent which he's going to fix up shortly. I'd really like to put a ceiling in that basement.  It would brighten it up and warm up the floors on the main level of the house.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Out of the way

The quilts are finished. I'mso glad to have them off my list. I sure hope there is no more issue with pricing. Wish me luck.

The knitting is going full steam. I knit a boot sock today. It's nice squishy yarn, navy blue with red heels and toes. I hope the recipient likes them. I find I have to put a note in with them because some folks don't get the concept of "boot socks".
I found a pattern for fox mittens that I'm really excited to make. I need a little something to fill a corner of the box for my eldest grandaughter. I think those fox socks will just fit that nicely.
I really must take photos of the projects.
Rumor has it that we are going to get some freezing rain tonight. Freezing rain always makes me very nervous, having lived through the Big One of course.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Ho Ho Ho and away we go - Christmas shopping

I think I finished my Christmas shopping today!
Most of the "Black Friday" sales start today. To top that off, the weather was horrendous this morning. I have good snow tires on the car, so I got daughter on the blower and said we're off.
First stop was in the local mall. I hit the book store first and got some sweet games for the grandsons and another game to save for grandaughters January birthday. They were on a Black Friday sale at 3 for a price.
Next stop was Dollarama for gum and reading glasses. No biggie there. We should have been in and out because those items were right at the cash. As luck would have it there were only two cashiers on and LONG lines. Oh well.....
Canadian Tire was a NIGHTMARE. The aisles were congested with shoppers. I was looking for some high end kitchen items that were on the Black Friday sale at a HUGE, and I mean HUGE discount. The shelf where one item was located was empty, to my disappointment. Then, while I was looking for another item, the first item was sitting on the floor in the middle of an aisle. Did it fall out of someone's cart?? So I got what I went for there! Again, the lineups were long but moving fast. Most folks seemed to just have a couple of items in their carts. (The item on the floor was unbreakable so no worries about that!)
Third stop was Bulk Barn for stocking stuffers. When I knit socks and mittens for folks, I always fill them up with hot chocolate and coffee and little treats. Bulk Barn has really nice pouches of these items.
Fourth stop was Shoppers Drug Mart. Having purchased a high end electronic item last weekend, I had a $100 gift card in my purse! Again, I picked up bits of this and that to tuck into knit goods. Mostly chocolate of course. They have the best selection of Lindt at a decent price. Shoppers wasn't too bad. Only one lady in line there.
After all that shopping and crowd surfing we decided to sit down in McDonalds for a coffee. I like their coffee much better than any of the other outlets. Daughter decided to indulge in lunch there, but honestly, I just can't handle their food with my wonky belly.
Once we had topped up our caffeine and rested our feet, we were ready for the last stop: Giant Tiger. It was VERY QUIET there. I was just after PJ's for the boys and a pair of heavy work pants for the grandson. If I'd had more shopping to do I could have comfortably hung out there for awhile.
The roads were very bad heading into town this morning. It was snowing fairly heavy and the highway was slushy. It was sort of raining in town and their roads were bare and wet. Coming home all was good until I turned onto our road which has about five inches of fresh snow on it. The snowplow came down right behind me, but get this, he WASN'T plowing.....just driving down the road,turning around and going back..........what gives???

So that was MY big adventure in Christmas shopping. I'm done and dusted. Heading off to sew some bags with Christmasy fabric this afternoon.

Monday, November 21, 2016

It's a biggie!

As I write, there is a good foot of snow on the ground and it is still coming down heavy. And blowing.

M had to go out and clean up the driveway. He will probably be doing it again before this front decides to leave us.

There is a tractor hidden in there someplace

I need to clean this up and refill the bird feeder

It looks foggy - ish, but that is actually blowing snow

Cleaning the head of the driveway after the snowplow is always a priority

My daughter saw this funky vest on Facebook. It is tradition at her place of work to wear ugly Christmas things. I whipped this baby up for her. It was pretty easy.

Free refridgeration, couldn't resist

Sunday, November 20, 2016


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