Thursday, March 15, 2018

SIX weeks in

Hello friends, and happy Thursday. The end of the week is nigh!

I'm now six weeks post surgery. My motion range is still going much much slower than it should be and I can't extend the operated leg very well.
There seems to be a bit of problem with one of my muscles. My calf muscle is very very tight. It bruises easily too. Over extension or the slightest bump will bruise it. The whole department was having a good look at it yesterday while I did a variety of movements. The consensus is that there is no blood clot, BIG RELIEF, but something isn't right.
I see the surgeon next week and will have some more Xrays.

I can walk pretty well without the cane now. I take it with me if I'm going out to the hospital, but it's more like a security thing than an actual need. Yesterday, in a light snowfall,  I walked the length of my long lane to pick up the newspapers! Such a simple thing but such a big step toward being NORMAL again! I stood at the end of the lane and breathed in, breathed out, that wonderful forest air. It was amazing. It was actually AWESOME in the real sense of the word!

The bath chair came out of the shower this week too. It got to be so cumbersome. I STOOD ON TIPTOE and put the regular shower head back on the spigot and had a nice standing shower. 

I feel like I am at least at the same point I was post surgery. Now that conditions are getting more favorable for walking, I believe there will be some improvement every week. Maybe I'm not as flexible as most of the others in my physiotherapy group, but I'm soon going to be ahead of where I was before.

I really enjoy peddling my exercise bike in the house. I've never been one who could peddle for long in the past. I think a proper bicycle might be coming to this address in a couple of months. I may not have a tolerance for a long walk but cycling seems to really be going well and could be my new thing!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Hello and happy Tuesday everyone.
Yesterday was physio once again. It happens on Mondays and Wednesdays. I sure wish they would put Friday in the schedule too. I find that gap hard to handle.
Well, last weekend I was just about out of my mind and needing to get out and about. On Saturday we went off to an indoor market at Killaloe, just down the road a bit. It was a lovely market and I was able to get what I wanted there - a nice jug of this years maple syrup! We hit up the little bulk store and the grocery store so that was a bit of walking for me for one day.
The next day, Sunday, was a sunny one, but windy as heck. I REALLY wanted to get out and do more walking but the wind was just too much, so we headed into the mall. I managed to get from one end to the other and in and out of several shops along the way.
These little bits don't sound like much, but they are my first real bits of honest to goodness walking.
Physio on Monday was BRUTAL. My knee was so stiff and sore! I could barely do the exercises required of me. My therapist tried to move the joint but it wasn't happening. It kind of distressed me when I heard her say Oh My God half under her breath. NOT GOOD. She put me on the bike with a good bit of pressure at the end. I think she was quite surprised that my cycling was so good. I did quite a few kilometers under a fair bit of pressure without much problem at all.
I have been working very hard at my extension exercises last night and this morning. I have to get that knee loosened up before the scar tissue shuts it down altogether.

Our blog friend Stew, "The Wooly Gnome", is still in hospital following his procedure. I'm sure my readers will all join me in wishing him well and hope he is soon home with his feet under him again.

Friday, March 2, 2018


It's a bit of an ugly day. Yes, "bit" being the best part of that sentence. We didn't get the blast of winter that places south and west of us got. But, it's very dull and gray and damp today.

And I am feeling it.......hence the "ugh".

I was so stiff and sore when I woke up this morning. Last night I managed to kick all of those pillows I use out of the bed. I think that's a good thing though.
We had an appointment in town late morning so I was happy to get out of the house for a change. After our appointment we took a spin through the pharmacy, post office and then McD for a treat. The next stop was Value Village. If you aren't in Ontario, that is a big thrift store chain. There is ALWAYS lots of interesting stuff to look at in VV! I am happy to say that I walked out of that store without buying anything for a change.

Mike remarked about how much better my gait was after I walked around for a bit. That's very encouraging to hear those sort of things. I just took a Tylenol and now I'm off for a nap.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Another day, another appointment

Spring really feels like it is rolling in around here. The temperatures are fluctuating just above and below freezing. I am longing to spend more time outdoors. Sadly, it is so icy about the yard, walking about is impossible. It's a huge ordeal to get to the van to go for appointments.
I am now into my second week of physio therapy. It's very hard, but I push myself to do it all. My bend and tolerance is quite good, but extension (ie. making the leg stretch out flat) continues to be a challenge.
The other day they measured my extension and it was a *15*. I don't know what that number means, but normal is 0.
I saw the surgeon again today. He was happy with my healing. He also measured my extension at a *10*. My friends, I was so anxious going to that appointment today. Getting that 10 was a huge relief! My orthopedic surgeon is such a wonderful, encouraging doctor. He's one in a million these days.  He told me about another patient he had whose extension was slow to come, in fact, he didn't think this gentleman would ever get a straight leg, but it did come along. "Don't lose faith," he said.
This afternoon I iced my knee and put my foot on a pillow and stretched the daylights out of it. Imagine my surprise when I could BARELY manage to squeeze my hand behind my knee! I'm at four weeks and I think it's finally going to go straight!

I went outdoors with my small shovel and cleaned a lot of ice off the side and back porches earlier. The warm weather this week should dry things right up so I can haul my lawn chair out on sunny days!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Good progress

I was really anxious going to physio therapy yesterday. My initial session was REALLY difficult so I wasn't very happy heading in.
Much to my surprise my PT said I was making very good progress! She gave me some more advanced exercises to do which I found quite effortless. I'd been "standing at the bar" (my windowsill) doing them for at least a week without thinking about them.
We are going to continue focusing on my extension therapy. I thought it was still pretty bad but she was very pleased with how much better it was from last week. She did point out that I was doing TOO MANY repetitions which was probably contributing to my pain levels. This afternoon I managed to extend the TIME of my extension rather the NUMBER. I'm really surprised how nice that bit of stretch in those thigh muscles feels when I got walk about after. I managed to walk NORMALLY down the stairs without the cane, then the length of the house.
I'm my own worse enemy at times, LOL

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A little suffering didn't hurt anybody

Yesterday was Saturday. I was so sick of staring at my own four walls and travelling back and forth to the hospital for one appointment or another. That has been my whole world for some weeks. I woke up feeling pretty good so I suggested to Mike that we try to get me through the mall.
I was really REALLY excited to fit into my smallest jeans with a struggle. I knew I had lost weight so that was a reaffirming moment.
Our first stop was at Michael's, the big craft giant. I have about three inches done on a baby blanket for the new GreatGrandSon so I figure I need about four more balls of this particular pale gray ragg yarn. Now the yarn is at the farthest back corner of our Michaels store. Hey, I made it in, made it back there - and discovered this yarn is now discontinued. I was NOT a happy camper.
Stop two was the grocery store. We took the walker in there. Several times I sent Mike down a row while I sat at one end. It worked out just fine.
 On the way home we stopped at the corner store for a birthday card and a lottery ticket. I was chatting away with a gal I know who works in the corner shop. She was asking questions about the knee, then remarked, Holy Smokes, is it ever swollen! Oh boy, I was sure in a rush to get home and get those jeans off before they needed a pair of scissors! I switched out the jeans for a pair of jammies then got the leg up and the ice pack on.

Getting out and about is good for the psyche but it's going to be physically challenging for awhile. I'm still suffering a bit today, having to keep the leg up and take some pain meds. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm sure it will be better.  (I'm hobbling about the house WITHOUT a cane today!!)

Tomorrow is Family Day in Canada and Presidents Day in the US. Hope y'all have a good time with your friends and family.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Doctor Visit Now the fun part begins

Today was my two week postOp visit. The metal staples were removed to start with. The lady doing the pulling said staples work extremely well for high stress incisions like joints. She said it is so rare that they split, she has NEVER seen it. 
She swabbed my incision over and over again with some sort of extremely cold solution to clean, sterilize and desensitize the area. Then she picked them out with some tool which I didn't see because I'm a big chicken little and can't look! It felt like she was picking out slivers. A little pricky but nothing bad.
So, after she swabbed the area down again, Dr. Mattews came in for a gander. He said it all looks good and no damage was done when I went whoopsee. He said there isn't even any fresh bruising - JUST DON'T DO IT AGAIN!
Of course, his only concern is my inability to flatten out my knee. He and that woman pressed my knee hard flat out. IT HURT LIKE HELL - sorry - it did. But he said it went flat relatively easy even though I am feeling a lot of discomfort. (It actually feels Better after the torture!!) No harm done. He gave me instructions for Mike and I to do an exercise together that will make me scream for mercy for awhile, but it will get better. Mike says he isn't sure he can do anything to inflict pain........come on dear..........if I can endure it, you can do it! My furniture is all rather soft so the doc suggested we put a blanket on the floor and I sit with my back against the couch, feet together, while Mike PUSHES hard but slowly above and below my knee. I'll be hollering all right, but just tune me out okay?