Friday, December 15, 2017

The Weather Outside is Frightful

It has been SO COLD and SO SNOWY! Our tractor wouldn't start,it's all frozen up. Our good neighbour came down and gave the lane a few swipes with his big blower. People take care of each other out here.

I'm off to see the second surgeon next week! This is the person who will actually be doing my knee replacement. Now that the time is running short I hope it won't be immediately after New Years. (Our orth. surg. unit shuts down for the holiday next week) I need some important dental work done and they demand that it be done a minimum three weeks before surgery.

The "knitting factory" is still going full bore. I need two more pair of socks to fill the last of the Christmas boxes. Thankfully this yarn I bought seems to knit up fast and I really love the finished product. It is Impeccable Loops and Threads from Michaels.  On a 4mm needle is makes a nice firm yet comfortable sock.

The Christmas tree is out of it's box, but we don't have any decorations on it yet. I keep bending and shaping the branches every time I walk by it.

TV rather stinks right now. How many sappy Hallmark Christmas movies can one person watch? I love my baking shows, however there aren't enough of them. The Great American Baking Show was pulled after one of the hosts was accused of some inappropriate behavior. Shucks.......I guess it's back to YouTube.
I love my Coronation Street, a great British drama series that has been running for 50+ years. A half hour an evening barely wets my appetite though. Okay, we get an hour on Mondays, but still...

I'm off to search for some cookie recipies

Saturday, December 9, 2017

What a GRAND day!

Daughter and I were planning to get out and about town today. She had to cancel at the last minute, but I decided to just go ahead with my plans.
Our local library had a lovely craft fair on today. I always enjoy visiting that library. Not only is it a wonderful design by one of Frank Lloyd Wright's acolytes, the people there are lovely too. It was so nice to meet friends and see some lovely goods. I managed to buy some really special gifts for some lovely ones too! The little hat for my future great grandbaby almost brought me to tears. I put a little decoration of some sort on the gifts for my family. I'm going to put the wee hat on my grandsons. The little one will likely have to big a head to wear it, but it will be a momento.
I did a bit of shopping. It was one of those days where I walking into the grocery store and right back out again. I knew I could get the two items on the list at the Dollar store.
When I got home, M had made some really special soft pretzels. I figured it was a good afternoon to get a little baking done myself. I made butter tarts and Bakewell tarts. The Bakewells are new to me. I'm really anxious to try them because I did them GLUTEN FREE.
My poor knee is not going to hold me up anymore so the couch is calling......

There is a light snow falling.....sigh.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I had an appointment to see my GP yesterday. It was a followup to the visit with the surgeon and a need to renew some meds.
It was standing room only in the waiting room. I stood near the front desk for awhile. The receptionship hung up the phone and said "I hate John Doe". I HEARD her say that! So after about an hour I was taken into an exam room where I sat for another 20 or 30 minutes.
I gave the GP the letter from the surgeon and told her I had concerns about the amount of Tylenol I take which the surgeon was concerned about. She told me she did not agree and dismissed that subject....I was instructed to continue taking the massive dosage of Tylenol and was there anything else I needed renewed?
So, when I went to the pharmacy, I asked to speak to my favorite pharmacist and told him about my concerns. He was very helpful and figured out a way I could take a smaller dose and less frequently using a different form of the medication.
I'm totally fed up with this doctor and her staff. Unfortunately I live in what is called an Underserviced Area where folks are lucky to have any personal physician, even a bad one.

The murder trial in my community has finally wrapped up. Basil Borutski has been sentenced to 70 years without parole for murdering three women. This man has a long history of violence, much of it not disclosed at trial. He refused to participate in his defence until the very end where he called the judge a liar and said he wasn't guilty. I am so glad this farce has ended for the sake of the loved ones. Too bad their sorrow couldn't be wiped out so easily.

I just took a walk out to the mail. Man is it every windy!! I'm really surprised that our power hasn't gone off due to a tree on the lines somewhere. It was sunny and bright, though cold, this morning. I did a lot of housecleaning upstairs while the sun shone. I have two weeks until family comes home for Christmas!

Saturday, December 2, 2017


That word makes me CRINGE.  I'm having computer problems and the only way I seem to be able to correct them is to set everything to DEFAULT.  So everything on the computer works just great after that reset - except Facebook. I can't see my private messages and pictures don't show. As this is the primary way I keep in touch with my family who live far away, I don't like this one bit.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along? I think I am done and dusted with the shopping part. The one and only family Christmas box has gone in the post. There are a few beautiful cards yet to go out. I have a friend who makes beautiful cards, the kind you keep forever. She and I were talking at a craft market this morning and I was telling her how I only send about ten cards now (used to be several dozen) and of course most of them come from her. Most of the people I used to send cards too dropped communication a very long time ago, so what's the point?

I finished another pair of socks last night while watching the Neil Young LIVE concert. Did any of you watch it? The Young family were all well known in my home town, so seeing this intimate concert was a real treat. I also saw an interview with Neil's brother Bob who is know by several family members. Been so long since I've been to the old home town....

My daughters poncho is coming along nicely. Down to the last few inches. This is an adaptation of a Paton's pattern. I made mine longer and a little fuller than the Paton's one, though the color work is basically the same.

The weather our way is staying pretty warm and gloomy. Typical November. We get the odd blast of snow but it never sticks around much. The weather scientists are saying we may get a good blast of the white stuff in a couple of weeks when the jet stream drops and winds blast across the mild great lakes.

Stay cozy friends!

Friday, November 24, 2017

I have needs

And those needs involve BAKED GOODS.
My eldest daughter and her husband, my next daughter and her fiance, my grandson and his very pregnant partner, and M and I.... All going to be here for Christmas Eve dinner.
I've got a tray of oatmeal squares in the freezer. Ho Hum but everyone likes them.
This morning I went crazy and made a 6 POUND pan of fudge! My friend gives us a box of this fudge every Christmas and we love it, so I hit her up for the recipe. This is one big honkin' pan of sugar let me tell you! I'm going to give the family boxes of this delectable treat.
I'm going to bake one more lot of something, then hit my local daughter up for two selections. I think four cookies/squares and some fudge should be enough sweetness for one year.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Inevitable

Yes, we did get a bit of snow on Saturday night. It was some beautiful Winter Wonderland we woke up to on Sunday.

M. is a popular small engine mechanic. The phone started ringing at *8 AM ON SUNDAY MORNING* - folks who couldn't get their snowblowers working. Come on people....

I baked something I've wanted to try for ages

My first Pavlova! It was VERY easy to make. 

Can you believe this dog?

She just can't get close enough to the stove. 

I have some interesting plants to show you



I was in the grocery store one day and noted some organic ginger and turmeric. I threw caution to the wind and planted some of each. They seem to really like the cool west window. They have been growing much better since I moved them from a warmer location.  Pretty cool eh? I planted date pits too but nothing has come up yet.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Ho Ho Ho and away we go!

The first real blast of winter always comes as such a shocker. We had some rain today and the odd little flake, but nothing serious. HOWEVER, about 4PM the temperature dropped like a stone and the roads turned treacherous.

I see there was a serious crash on Hwy 17 near Storyland Road. That is such a notoriously bad corner at the best of times. There has also been some sort of accident in Pembroke, but no details have been released yet. I heard the roads were crazy slick.

The forecast for Saturday is looking rather interesting. We might get a good dump of snow, or maybe we won't. It's that time of year folks.