Friday, November 24, 2017

I have needs

And those needs involve BAKED GOODS.
My eldest daughter and her husband, my next daughter and her fiance, my grandson and his very pregnant partner, and M and I.... All going to be here for Christmas Eve dinner.
I've got a tray of oatmeal squares in the freezer. Ho Hum but everyone likes them.
This morning I went crazy and made a 6 POUND pan of fudge! My friend gives us a box of this fudge every Christmas and we love it, so I hit her up for the recipe. This is one big honkin' pan of sugar let me tell you! I'm going to give the family boxes of this delectable treat.
I'm going to bake one more lot of something, then hit my local daughter up for two selections. I think four cookies/squares and some fudge should be enough sweetness for one year.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Inevitable

Yes, we did get a bit of snow on Saturday night. It was some beautiful Winter Wonderland we woke up to on Sunday.

M. is a popular small engine mechanic. The phone started ringing at *8 AM ON SUNDAY MORNING* - folks who couldn't get their snowblowers working. Come on people....

I baked something I've wanted to try for ages

My first Pavlova! It was VERY easy to make. 

Can you believe this dog?

She just can't get close enough to the stove. 

I have some interesting plants to show you



I was in the grocery store one day and noted some organic ginger and turmeric. I threw caution to the wind and planted some of each. They seem to really like the cool west window. They have been growing much better since I moved them from a warmer location.  Pretty cool eh? I planted date pits too but nothing has come up yet.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Ho Ho Ho and away we go!

The first real blast of winter always comes as such a shocker. We had some rain today and the odd little flake, but nothing serious. HOWEVER, about 4PM the temperature dropped like a stone and the roads turned treacherous.

I see there was a serious crash on Hwy 17 near Storyland Road. That is such a notoriously bad corner at the best of times. There has also been some sort of accident in Pembroke, but no details have been released yet. I heard the roads were crazy slick.

The forecast for Saturday is looking rather interesting. We might get a good dump of snow, or maybe we won't. It's that time of year folks.