Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bug Fever or Spring Complaint

So how are the mosquitoes at your place?
A few weeks ago, a friend told me about a walk in the woods behind his home where there is a small lake/pond. He said it was alive with mosquito larvae.
Well they have come out of the water and into my yard and house! It's just AWFUL. I feel like wearing my bug suit to bed. Every window in this house has a screen. We don't have a dog to push the screen open (and leave it open) anymore. Yet the house is full of mozzies.
Someone told me she has replaced all of the screens in her house with a new finer mesh.  I have a lot of very large windows in my home so I don't think that is going to be an option here. Last summer, when the mozzies were mild compared to this year, I put cheese cloth over the screen in my bedroom windows. I might have to resort to that yet.
Someone else told me to pin smelly dryer sheets to the screens. Not sure if that works yet. Every time the wind blows they fall off. Do I have to sew them on???
When I went to S.Ontario last weekend we still had black flies around here. They seem to have finished, thank goodness.
Last week I went to town with M while he did a quick service call. I went for a lovely walk around the neighbourhood. There aren't any mozzies in that part of town.

(Photo from Orkin)

The second lot of tulip bulbs are in flower. They were planted two weeks after the first lot. These ones are all a light yellow with a slight bit of red feathering. Still NOTHING like the Canada150 tulips were advertised. They are very dainty and attractive none the less. Seems like June 1 is late for tulips to be flowering doesn't it?

(Canada150 tulip)

My garden is LATE LATE LATE. I'm not sure if we are even going to get any potatoes planted at the rate we are going. The patch hasn't been tilled. The onion and garlic bed needs a serious weeding so I can get more onions planted from sets. Most of the tomatoes I started from seed have died. I've gone from 30 plants to 20, to 10, to 6. Two Best Boy, two BrandyWine and two mutts seem to be thriving. Perhaps I'll just grab a couple of Roma and a couple of Cherry.  It's not like we need to freeze any more. There are still scads of bags in the freezer from last year.


  1. The Canada 150 tulips here in the city seemed to be the last to bloom. Most were of the red-white variety, but I saw a few that were off, including one set that had a white-purple look.

  2. My yellow and red 150 tulips, turned a kind of cream colour as they got more mature.

  3. We still have black flies here, but no mozzies yet.

  4. The bugs are horrid. happy in the rain. I love the tulips, whatever their colour! They were an amazing creation, truly.
    I think I might give a veggie garden a pass. We shall see. Good luck with the dang bugs. The birds are thrilled!

  5. Dragon flies came out today with the warm up. The end is in sight!!