Wednesday, June 14, 2017

All is Calm, All is Bright

Yes, I know those words form a bit of lyric from a Christmas carol. They also describe things around here these days.
The grass is cut, the garden is pretty well totally planted. (We need a couple more herbs in the front)

THE DECK IS STAINED! If you weren't reading my blog last year you won't get it. In a nutshell: Our deck literally fell down last summer. It took quite awhile to get it rebuilt. We piddled away at it all fall and into the spring as we had a bit of free time. I watched for a good sale on Thompsons Water Seal Stain (I love that stuff!!). As of today the railings are all stained, the floor is stained and the sun is shining.
By tomorrow I can put the deck furniture back where it belongs and with any luck we will be able to enjoy sitting out there.
The bugs are still a flippin' nightmare, but I think they are letting up some.  Early mornings are a pretty good time to sit out there and enjoy that first cuppa tea. The phoebe's are feeding frantically which is a good thing.
On my next trip to town I'm going to buy more hanging planters to put on the posts. I'm also looking for some of those post caps that are solar lights. I think those are pretty nifty.
If we ever get the van fixed I'm hoping to buy another screen tent.

The hop vines are growing madly on the back porch. I need to get more twine hitched up to train them up and up! Some day, with any luck, I will have a pergola out there for the hops to cover. That will provide some welcome shade in the summer afternoons.

And it isn't even summer yet!!

Peace Love and Happiness friends.


  1. Hopefully July will do in those bugs.

  2. All of that sounds like positive news! Good work!