Monday, June 12, 2017

Heat and Bugs

Our Ontario weather is being crazy outrageous hard to take miserable. Did I use enough adjectives in one sentence?
It went from cold and wet to hot and humid in a snap. It was too wet to plant and now to hot and dry.
The bugs are another story. My poor sister looks like someone took a baseball bat to her face! She has bites around her eyes and on the side of her nose, swelling her face and turning it a horrific color. She has BLISTERS for goodness sake.
My room mate was out working on our garden this morning with so many layers on she was bordering on heat stroke. But she still got a black fly or two inside her face net. She came in with rivulets of blood running down her cheeks. This afternoon she has her swollen face plastered with calamine.
Me? I stayed indoors today. I had nettle stings the whole length of my legs and bug bites on my head from yesterday.
The members of my garden club don't have much positive to say on our facebook page. If we aren't complaining about our bug bites, we are complaining about the plants. TOO MANY folks say they have to completely replant their gardens.
I just hope we get the cool down and the rain the weather guy hinted at.


  1. Rain last night, thank goodness. I'm very far behind in my vegetable gardening. I think we're at the mosquito stage here in the Grey/ Bruce region. -Jenn

  2. Another of my garden group was saying she has to replant her tomatoes!
    The mozzies are horrific here. And the black flies just won't give up. Usually there are thousands of dragon flies taking care of them right now but they are slow to show this year. I'm slathered in cortisone ointment for my reaction to the nettles I encountered while cutting grass. No rain yet:(

  3. Sorry you both react so badly to the bugs. They don't seem to bother me.

  4. Fortunately the bugs don't seem to have much of a presence in the cities, but I've heard they're wretched this year.

  5. Just went on a field trip with my youngest yesterday to a camp on the outskirts of Ottawa. The bugs were horrendous, and we both seem to attract them, regardless of how much bug spray we wear. But I'll still take this over snow!