Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10

This month is just flying by!
It continues to be like a rain forest here in Ontario. It's a rare day when it doesn't rain!
Our gardens are doing just marvelously. The grass grows like mad too though.
My puppy is doing very well. She has gained some much needed weight and is learning her commands. She won't sleep on the nice bed I bought her though - no way.
The fellow who arranged for her to come to us said the previous owners kept her locked in a crate all day. She peed and pooped in the crate and then would cry to be let out. When we pulled her blankies out of the crate they were quite soiled so they went right into the trash. The crate was folded up and put away.  I don't want that dear girl to ever be in a crate again. The cat enjoyed the crate for awhile.

Glaring at each other. Look at Kitty's ears!

Hmmm, what is so interesting in that slipper?

Kitty hangs out on the crate for awhile. 

Last weekend we went up to Barrys Bay for an arts festival. Lots of interesting stuff for sale, though I didn't see any of the artisans that I thought would be there.

Scenes from Wilno.

The beautiful Polish church.

I can't believe I walked up all those stairs!!!!! It was so worth it though.

The view from the church steps. This site must have been so inspirational to the founders of the church.

I don't have a photo of him, but I FINALLY found a Buddha statue for my garden. He is sitting proudly side by side with Confucius. 


  1. Good the lovely big pup has a nice new home.

  2. I love that view, in Wilno. We have been through many times on our way to visit family, but never seem to have time to stop.
    Glad the sun was shining while you were there.

  3. The cat and dog are adorable!

    I've been up by that church on numerous occasions. It is a beautiful one. Amazing view. I've even been inside once- tried the door, and it was open. Incredible inside.

  4. Your new dog looks like a real sweetheart. Maybe part Dane? What is her name? I'm sure the cat will come around eventually (or at least tolerate the new addition). We enjoy going to Barry's Bay with all the artsy stores. Driving through Wilno makes you wonder at the strength of the people that first settled there. Back then, it would've been a long way to anywhere!